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Spent the past 7 days with fiancé.
Spent the prior 7 days finalising my shopping list, contacts and reservations.

Yays to a successful birthday celebration for babylove.
Its our 2nd staycation.

Day zero - went grocery shopping, pack my lugg. Ate at his place for dinner.

DAY 1 - Planned dinner with his folks as it was his actual bday. We usually go overseas so since we are in SG, I would want him to have the day with his loved ones only.
Got back to hotel and I oresented to him my lychee + nata de coco jelly as cake since we love jelly more thab actual cake. And its my first trial, im glad he likes it.

Day 2- made breakfast. Rest. got his bros over for dinner. Nth beats that smile on his face for having his besties arnd, having lotsa presents esp when its his fave items.

Day 3- planned a shoot, went to our infinity pool. Cooked dinner for him after the shoot.

Though my steam eggy didnt succeed cos the pot too small for steam rack., nonetheless the rest turns out as I expected. Hehe.


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