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Till then, xoxo 2:50 AM
Its 2.37am now.
Just done packing my stash.. Dont ask me why but I just have the feel to rearrange and repack today.

Its a not exactly nua weekend. I wanted to slp through this weekends cos I had a super tiring week before this and its gonna be month end next week. Hmmm though independence day is on tues....well, thankfully it shortens my week!

Helped babylove pack his toys yesterday.. Nah i should say wrap. Honestly I lost count of how many masterpiece he has but well, boys and their toys. So long as he doesnt squander money like water, i dont really care.
Apparently i think hes quite pleased with me helping out.. Im happy to go around finding resources with him, its a tad tiring but i want to be the person running those errands w him though.

As for today.. I noticed baby deleted his photo album with his ex.
I am not an ambassador of "rid all exes stuff", so honestly, i dont expect him to do that. Cos I've seen tt album before too..know whats in it , like his pic with her when they travel or date etc etc.. So i'm totally fine. Come on la, everyone has a past, and photos are the only still memories that they can keep. So i am not the kind of gf who will force my bf to remove all traces.
Well.. But apparently he deleted it out of his own will just one fine day.

I asked if hes upset, he says no. And he says well its already in the past, have photo so what? Its just pictures. Nothing impt to keep as memories now that we are tgt. Though i dont care abt it, i still hv tt slight "happy" feel. Like sometimes, its these small thgs which make me confirmed I made the right choice. Someone who does it for u. Not out of request but own will. <3 p="">
*insert hearts* 


Till then, xoxo 12:52 AM
Hello all! I'M ENGAGED! Somehow I love the letter that he wrote and the disney boarding pass he made more than the diamond ... I'm rly rly rly not a dismond person LOL. Nonetheless, he picked a nice design so I still am grateful its not a design I dont like LOL. Kk blog more another day. Slpyyu

Till then, xoxo 1:41 AM
There has been quite a few things I really wanna keep track of.
Well, firstly, I can vividly remember it was a sunday, i think last sunday of Feb.
Met up with the vb girlies for brunch. We kind of chit chat, talked bout current bfs, btos etc..

So after the meetup, went to boyfriend's as usual.
Out of sheer randomness, i asked him - how much do u think we need for a wedding?
I actually dont expect an ans. Cos he always shun the topic. Like even bef we were tgt, i kind of know that hes the kind who thinks 2 yrs into r/s n get married is too fast n furious to happen. Moreover, probably half a year ago or so, he mentioned that he will only ans to marriage when hes ready and thats like, cos his relatives kept asking.

Well.. Surprisingly, this time round his ans was.. Mmm i think we need to get the reno cost ready. And the next day, he sent me those ppty reno cost thingy and ID ideas. The following day, he sent me hdb bto webpage ask me if i wan take.. The 3rd day, it was bridal show schedules followed by booking of those shows.

Ok. Now fast forward to 3rd wk of mar.
I suppose all sets in pretty smoothly. But Im just in shock mode that I pished a trigger and it all escalated real quickly. Hmmm. Its so surreal.
Though I can say Im ready mentally to commit to this man forever, but it still feels.. IDK .. Like.. Wow.

Hmmm. Nonetheless. Lets see hw things go. I know i love him though. :)

Till then, xoxo 1:07 AM
Past 12 already.. Meaning its day 4.
This year has been a tad different. Has been at least 5-6 years since I go over to bf's side for visiting. Of crse thats partly cos after the prior 7yrs, I didnt want history to repeat, so I didnt wanna show face till I feel the confirmation. You know its kind of hard to face all the relatives after a breakup.

This year, Ive decided to let baby join me in my visiting. Hes actually the first to join me for visiting lol. It was a great start actually, cos we were on a roll.

Just wanna pen this down..

Kinda feel happier this cny because baby was with me all 3 days. Day 1 at his plc. Relatives hse. Day 2 my side and day 3. He pei me n my folks out. Kinda feel happy to have him around me. :)

Oh and we went Jurong pt tdy cos i told mumsie months ago that the hk fd thr is rly damn worth the trip.. So it became part of the itinerary. Parents walked into harvey norman. So did we, and we kinda did a 'appliance shopping' when we dont even hv a hse yet .. Lolx.

Hmmm. Sths i rly am not sure.
How long will i hv to wait?
I hv that feeling of i cannot ask directly wads planned.. Cos i dont rly like the ans i may get.