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My last CNY as a miss.

This year, same old, except we added an extra itinerary to the plan which is gg to Uncle C's house.

Hmmm... Feels so not ready to adult-ing next year. Instead of debit, its credit time. Sighs.

Cny has been tiring. Visiting, shopping, real havoc. Im missing alone nua time with my love. The only great thing abt CNY is Im not working and D is by my side all day for the 3 days.

Just here to jot some memories as im so deadbeat now already.
Washington day tomorrow so yays no work but i have errands n visiting still.

Spent Valentines day with babylove, and I recv my first bouquet from the boy.
Finally visited dazzling cafe though i nv expect the visit to be w him as it looks too girlish, i thought he might nv wanna go in.

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