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April Fools Day.

I remember this day, 3 years back, in TW w TTYL.
It was sucha short trip and we wanted to cover everything we can. Lol.
Headed out straight after a quick shower and we clubbed consecutively for fri sat nights, left on sunday night for flight and work on monday. Crazy us. Nonetheless, it was this very night where the suddenly sparks strike.

I rem talking to my roomie abt how im struggling within me.
I wasnt sure what to do.
I got a bto queue no. with that him back then.
It was a double digit. Like holy crap what kind of luck is that.
But I asked myself if Im ready. No i aint.
Its just not right.
How can I marry someone whom I cant even talk abt daily stuffs to?
How can I marry someone who puts me down just cos of his jealousy for what I have?

I dont feel comfortable.
Yes, it was complicated back then. And he wasnt my mental support at all.

3years later now, Im happily planning reno ideas, picking units choice with my hubby to be.
He listens.
He advises.
He knows w…

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