Its has been so long since I've last posted a decent entry here instead of songs lyrics and whatsoever.

I missed blogging but ohwells a little part, or I should say a huge part of me decided that I wanted to be a not so open book since it only takes a few clicks for pp to know you, makes it too easy for em'. So i refused to comment here nor post FB status about each part and parcel of my life. Twitter is good. I kinda like the summarized idea, vague yet amazingly enough to make my point or rather rant my point.

Its 2012 now. I've graduated, working and all's great right now.

Lotsa stuffs happened. Changes, they say its inevitable.
Wells, I'm single right now.. no longer the 'bf's having exams' kinda temp singlehood for mtg out with friends.. haha.. nah..this time round its for good.

We have been tgt for 7 yrs plus and I guess its a huge pity that it ended.
I did thought about marrying this guy. But somehow, no longer.
Nope, it wasn't anyone's fault. If it were to be, its both party I would say.
If asked if I still love him, I would gladly take yes as an answer but its not the BGR love anymore.
I would be lying if I say he doesnt appear in my mind whenever I see the H stock in my recs, past places we had fond memories before, dine at places we celebrated our mthsaries, anniversaries or other occasions we've been through for these almost 1/3 of my life so far.
But it was a painful decision to make before going thru the BTO process, settling/preparing for marriage and call off anything major. Since my past 2 r/s, I was definitely way stronger in terms of heart. And maybe it was an existing issue this time round, I was stronger than I thought I would be.
Choice between dependency and independence, latter wins, no matter what, its heart to break in anymore.

I really wanna say thankyou for all your love, care, concern etc.. yays or nays no matter what, its all and all that made up our r/s, truly appreciate your ways of doting me and my family.

ohkayys, relationship aside since zillion words cant truly represent all feelings, work wise..
I dont really wanna discuss but alls good and I'm kinda satisfied for the time being. =X

hmmm.. guess I've gotta end this entry to start preparing for outing ltr.
Wells.. till then .



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