Why do I love butterflies? Becos they are pretty, they are free...

I enjoy alot of stuffs as a couple.As much as that, I enjoy private moments. Just lazing arnd on my bed, watching variety, reading book, it may seem boring to the masses but to me, its ..an enjoyment..

Lately it seems lik Ive been deprived of time to myself. Shall blame no one but me cuz its a mess Ive created and till a decision is made, i need to walk thru it. I love being a happy go lucky. cuz deep inside i think too much, i wanna be entertained in a way tt i forget my worries. cuz if being alone i alr think too much, and being w someone makes me think also.. it kinda.. sucks. There is no fun element . Im not a stagnant person , at least not for long. I need to spice things up now and then... hmmm.. but rly? can this work ?

It seems like u are unhappy. ok, not seems. u are unhappy.maybe u hv to consider urself only.tts not my case. i need to take all feelings. i need to handle all. And sths i handle them.tillmy feelings follow whoever im facing cuz idk what to feel anymore.

maybe its true im.running away frm making a choice... u dun wan me to execute my plan either ,if its not u, right?
idk... sths i feel tt i dun really have a choice. ur moodswings are as fickled as mine and idk what i shud/can do.



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