There are stuffs I wanna pen down but I can no longer freely express my thoughts on twitter. So I guess I shall pen it here.

Im really really happy today. Though didnt really do much stuffs today but its the kind of happiness, I think its bliss...

Went COMEX today with the boy. He wanted to check out his gaming tool. So as we were walkin through Gamex, I saw Josh's Baymax fan! Yes! Imagine my delight... its only 10 bucks somemore... happydieme.. but..... le sigh, OOS. well nvms. i can always use josh one for the time being. lol. Then we continue walking to find his wheel. That silly boy took out his hp and start googling baymax fan . LOL. i felt a lil happy cos he actually cares for me. ok maybe Im that easily touched. but ... got part 2.

So we combed the whole lvl 6 to find the wheel but to no avail. Pulled him to a corner and ask.him to google for online brochures or postings on forums lik if any others post price and booth details. i took out my phone to search for him too. As im done searching, took a peep over at his hp, guess what? that sweet boy still searching baymax LOL. <3 nbsp="" p="">

 Its little things he does that makes me feel Im not the only giver in this relationship :)

on the side note, that smile on his face whn hes fixing the optimus prime, priceless :)


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