Today, kinda happy he used the word laopo on me for the first time. It was always him saying himself as laogong and not other way round. But out of some random qns like " so u want some random fiction character or your laopo" and he says " of course my laopo" .. its like.. so i know it isnt a big thing. If my gf were to say this story to me, i'll also go.. err so? somehow.. im still happy. Guess im too easily bought over. Esp by him. He told me bef tt it was me who doesnt wanna be called tt way cos of some reason.. haha yup i do hv the proof tt i said it bef however, i changed my mind. Or rather, tt reason no longer hold cos ive wiped tt part of me out of my life. Hmmm guess its still a tad late.


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