Just wanna pen down my thoughts while they are still fresh. Jus back from a mini getaway with babylove. Its actually his bday trip. I kind of had the itinerary planned arnd what he likes to do..so only one day to buy my necessities bef flying back. well.. we rested, shopped and celebrated the actual day Day 2-- we kind of trek the whole of KT. Seriously, my legs was suan dao~~ I didnt run for damn long alr.. so for mth of apr bef our trip, i went joggin w him juz to ensure i hv enuf stamina to laat me the entire day. We ended the trip with go kart.. baby was obviously happy with it. But the take of my day was the fairy cave. Its not a place i will go but well we went and i like it. Day 3 -- aquarium day, brewseum and atv Nuff said amazing day. Day 4 back to TP and wah hectic day. Bf was so tired from travellong arnd but... he patiently shopped with me, go here n there to see my stuffs despite no stock thn gotta go, he also nv scold me Also he took care of me rly well. Lugging my luggage up down the narrow stairs was no easy feat. Help me carry shopping bags. I knw during atv time he didmt try some stuff cos im behind n he didnt wan me to get hurt. Oh i accidentally scratched some skin n got abrasion, baby's face was worried. sillyboy.. im fine s long s u r happy with the activities Ok.. time for me to slp. Missing him already


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