Yesterday was halfday friday! Caught movie with babylove and he actually surprised me by choosing a couple seat at a higher price. Hmm. I cant seem to predict him at times..

Today.. Spent xmas eve doing hair and went over his place.
I was done with my hk drama while doing hair. So, I tried catching up with LOBS at baby's place while he was Mafia three-ing.

Well apparently, when I used hp to watch over wifi, the connection suxs. So he told me to on his comp to watch and we came to conclusion that it wasnt the wifi, its the server issue.
So i was tired of watching frozen screen with loading icon.. I decided to shut my eyes for awhile. Baby who was gaming, I dont know how he even notice cos i was like behind him and his PS4/screen is infront, actually paused his game, snuggled next to me and ask, "why are u sleeping? Tired? " (cos my show is still on comp and half playing half loading).. So i replied, "nah im tired of the screen keep loading so slowly"..

The sweetheart rolled his chair over to the computer, and start searching for other ways to stream for me..and when he finally found, he came to me and say, " so am i better or lee minho better" ^^ hehe

Sometimes, i really love his sensitivity to details.. Though usually that only happens when we are at home. Hes super sensitive to my mood..

10mins to Christmas.

Happy day ahead!


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