Okays. It has been more than a month since Im back from the states.
Just wanted to blog abit about my bday getaway..

Originally we wanted to go NZ or Australia.. I can still remember looking through brochures and planning to go philip island to see penguins etc.. But I guess those plannings just turn to dust when we compared prices to go states vs aust... Its not rly expensive to go states i must say BUT of crse, that is the flight n hotel part, if u add shopping, nope... Its gonna be really expensive due to the quantity you can get there.

Ok so... We went USH and Disneyland for the first part of our trip to Cali. I must say I enjoyed Disney more than USH cos the latter has not much choice of food for non beef eaters like us. Plus, gg to US, u rly need to bring ut own kettle. They only hv coffee maker in the hotel and its not easy to find fd in the middle of the night. Well, unless u want to drive out to nearby 24hrs stuffs which isnt as convenient as asia's convenience stores..
So.. We didnt manage to play all rides in disney cos it was really huge but its ok cos im a scaredy cat for heights rides. It was raining tt day so fireworks did went ahead cos its mere drizzle but it could have been better if it wasnt raining.  Let me look fwd to orlando disneyland haha.
As for ush.. The movie rides is a must go.. Hollywood tour is awesome too..
I need to emphasize tt USH is fun. Just.. We should feed ourselves with more food in the morning despite hw bland it is .

 Next highlight of the trip would be Grand Canyon.
Magnificent is the word. NATURAL BEAUTY! The land is massive and the view ... Omg. Taking the helicopter ride down, you get to see the rock structure and formation ..
Its breath taking plus Im a first timer for helicopter ride and I get to sit next to mr pilot :D
Happy like a bird! LOL .. So thankful that im light. LoL.

Las vegas.
Its my first to sin city. The closest i went to was macau. Honestly I hvnt got enough of Las vegas. Its huge and we didnt have much time. Oh las vegas premium outlet is love! I cant get enough of the massive shopping heaven!

Last highlight would be san francisco.
Honestly this place is so movie like. The houses are all so pretty. But its kind of sad that in such a pretty place, there are so many homeless pp. We took buses like locals, didnt go undergrnd for the metros though cos the guide told us tt its too dangerous. Went fisherman wharf, well didnt go alcatras island like go thr, but took a cruise to tour nearby places .

I particularly miss the seafood. Omg i love the crab and lobsters .. They are rly fresh and cheap.. I cant wait to go boston in search of lobs..


I rem at casa de fruit, it was raining.. I have no issue with the downpour since im wearing my jacket with hoodie. Baby's trench did not have the hood but he stood outside waiting for me to come out of the ladies when i told him to get up on the bus first. Its not tt he didnt hear but he just wanted to wait for me.
Major love.


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