Babylove was sick today, so we napped our sunday afternoon away.
It has been awhile since I slept so well.. Probably because I'm with him. I'm at peace :)
Well, the patient woke up slightly earlier than me. I'm the kind of sleeper where I will know whats happening around me and yet can still be in dreamland.

My boy stared at me sleep, then he kissed my forehead twice. Hmmm unknowingly my tummy growl. Cos yes its dinner time. He was startled but gently he touch my stomach area.

After dinner, i was watching goblin while he played his final fantasy.
I was gushing over how kim shin forced kiss in a romantic way.
That patient obviously didnt wanna lose, he did the same and says " I always do that to u also mah" lolol. So cute right.

Ok its 2.30am now.. I spent 2+ hrs cleaning up a major part of my room. Continuing tmr or wed.

Gonna KO now.

Nitey. Baby, get well soon.


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