Past 12 already.. Meaning its day 4.
This year has been a tad different. Has been at least 5-6 years since I go over to bf's side for visiting. Of crse thats partly cos after the prior 7yrs, I didnt want history to repeat, so I didnt wanna show face till I feel the confirmation. You know its kind of hard to face all the relatives after a breakup.

This year, Ive decided to let baby join me in my visiting. Hes actually the first to join me for visiting lol. It was a great start actually, cos we were on a roll.

Just wanna pen this down..

Kinda feel happier this cny because baby was with me all 3 days. Day 1 at his plc. Relatives hse. Day 2 my side and day 3. He pei me n my folks out. Kinda feel happy to have him around me. :)

Oh and we went Jurong pt tdy cos i told mumsie months ago that the hk fd thr is rly damn worth the trip.. So it became part of the itinerary. Parents walked into harvey norman. So did we, and we kinda did a 'appliance shopping' when we dont even hv a hse yet .. Lolx.

Hmmm. Sths i rly am not sure.
How long will i hv to wait?
I hv that feeling of i cannot ask directly wads planned.. Cos i dont rly like the ans i may get.


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