Today.. I received my early valentines present!
Nope its not a wedding ring though its sth I wish for.

Anyways met up with mr sleepyhead, partially my fault cos last night I made baby go buy supper with me at 7-11 and he bought the chun cui he 2 at $4.90 so we can both savour the taste of taiwan. :D which is why.. He cant slp at night after milk tea-ing..

Ok back to today.. First baby pei me eat sushi.. I cant believe I'm happy to eat sakae.. LoL.. Its definitely not cos I'm having sakae but cos he is eating in a sushi place with me!
My luck didnt stop there.. So after dinner we head off to buy calmex .. Pass by SK and i saw the tsum tsum calendar again.. I said baby i want the calendar.. Next moment i saw the minnie head pendant. Omggg so cute! Baby said.. " hmmm vday present? "
I think he expected it to be arnd 600+ but it was 700+ and he actually agreed to buy it on the spot. Major love. I was honestly surprised cos hes a thrifty guy.. Omomomomo<3 br="">


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