Its 2.37am now.
Just done packing my stash.. Dont ask me why but I just have the feel to rearrange and repack today.

Its a not exactly nua weekend. I wanted to slp through this weekends cos I had a super tiring week before this and its gonna be month end next week. Hmmm though independence day is on tues....well, thankfully it shortens my week!

Helped babylove pack his toys yesterday.. Nah i should say wrap. Honestly I lost count of how many masterpiece he has but well, boys and their toys. So long as he doesnt squander money like water, i dont really care.
Apparently i think hes quite pleased with me helping out.. Im happy to go around finding resources with him, its a tad tiring but i want to be the person running those errands w him though.

As for today.. I noticed baby deleted his photo album with his ex.
I am not an ambassador of "rid all exes stuff", so honestly, i dont expect him to do that. Cos I've seen tt album before too..know whats in it , like his pic with her when they travel or date etc etc.. So i'm totally fine. Come on la, everyone has a past, and photos are the only still memories that they can keep. So i am not the kind of gf who will force my bf to remove all traces.
Well.. But apparently he deleted it out of his own will just one fine day.

I asked if hes upset, he says no. And he says well its already in the past, have photo so what? Its just pictures. Nothing impt to keep as memories now that we are tgt. Though i dont care abt it, i still hv tt slight "happy" feel. Like sometimes, its these small thgs which make me confirmed I made the right choice. Someone who does it for u. Not out of request but own will.

<3 p="">*insert hearts* 



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